Fast Fast cookies

It’s time to start the blog back up again. Although I do wonder if just doing facebook notes is just as good if not a better idea.. But here is a little 1 min video of Dad trying to make cookies like Mom does. ¬†They didn’t quite turn out like moms but hey there was sugar involved so everybody ended up happy…



The Scoot man using his new chompers

Scooting around with the Scoots

Here is just a slice of life. We were crawling around with the Scoots.

At the Chuck-A-Rama

We went to the Chuck A Rama with the Martins the other day. Scooter has now graduated from eating Styrofoam cups to soup crackers when we go out to eat.

A Costco Trip

We went to Costco and Scooter is now big enough to fit into the cart kid seat. Well our cart had a little wiggle to the wheel. The Scoot man thought it was so funny that he felt the wiggle when we walked around.


Singing and Dancing at the Randle Family Monthly Dinner

Oh what fun in a one scooter open sleigh.

This was a Christmas gift from Lorri’s mom (Nana). The Scoot man is not a fan of being outside in the cold (doesn’t understand how fun show is yet) so he likes to take his ride inside.

Christmas Eve Day

We had a Randle Family tradition of going out to eat for lunch on Christmas Eve day. This year it was to Chillies.

Scooter Shows Dad how to use the treadmill

We took some time this Christmas and cleaned out the office where the treadmill lives. We had been putting the “stuff we don’t know what to do with” in that room all year and it was time to clean it out. We took a break to have Scoot show us how to loose the Christmas pounds.

Putting Bows on presents

My parents started a tradition years ago where everyone who wanted could bring over their gifts and while my mom read “A Christmas Carol” out loud we would all then put ribbons and bows on the gifts. The tree would be on supplying the light and we would sit there sifting through colored boxes trying to find the best bow for each box. This year Scooter decided that he really liked doing this and then destroyed as many bows as he could for each one of my boxes.